Sw/eden APT


Name Distributions Description
Main bionic, eoan Releases of Sw/eden own software.
EOSIO bionic, eoan EOS related software
BOS bionic BOS Chain port of EOSIO and related software.
DAOBET bionic DAOBET Chain port of EOSIO and related software.
WAX bionic WAX Chain port of EOSIO and related software.
UOS bionic UOS Chain port of EOSIO and related software.
FIO bionic Software for the FIO network


Each repository is divided into one or more distributions that contains packages specific for each ubuntu version.

You can run lsb_release -cr to see what ubuntu version you are running on.

Here is a list of supported distributions:

id Codename Version
bionic Bionic Beaver 18.04
eoan Eoan Ermine 19.10

NOTE: Not all repositories have all distributions. check the links in the repository table to see what distributions are available for each repository.


Each repository/distribution pair has 3 different components described below.

Name Description
stable Releases that are properly tested and does not contain any experimental code
edge Development releases that may or may not work as expected. Do not use in production environment
testing Testing releases, everything ends up here first to be tested before being moved to edge or stable


To add the stable eosio repository on a ubuntu 18.04 bionic system the following command will do:

$ sudo apt-add-repository -y 'deb [arch=amd64] https://apt.eossweden.org/eosio bionic stable' 

To add both edge and stable components for the main repository:

$ sudo apt-add-repository -y 'deb [arch=amd64] https://apt.eossweden.org/main bionic stable edge' 

Same as previous example, but we are on a ubuntu 19.10 eoan system:

$ sudo apt-add-repository -y 'deb [arch=amd64] https://apt.eossweden.org/eosio eoan stable edge'